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Love One Another

Life at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Dear Parents,


Here is a summary of what we we will learning in class this spring term:


Jesus: Teacher and healer.

In our religion lessons we shall be helping the children  to develop  a knowledge and understanding of Jesus and his ministry as a teacher and healer. They shall also develop their understanding of what Jesus' ministry reveals to us about God and how we are called to follow the example of Jesus in our lives today.


In this unit we shall develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the importance of forgiveness as a gift we receive and as a way that we can show love to others. They will also explore the choices that they make that these can be good or bad and the consequences that arise from them. The children will also learn the importance of saying sorry when they have made a bad choice.


Our class reader this first half term is Katie in London which will allow the children to develop their skills in sentence structure focussing on capital letters, full stops and conjunctions eg. and, then, but & because. They will also focus on using a range of interesting adjectives which will be used in creating diary entries. In phonics the class will be developing their knowledge and use of phase 4 blend sounds.



  1. Know the number one more or less and two more or less using a number line or a 100 grid.
  2. Revise pairs to 5, 6, 7, 10 and doubles to double 6.
  3. Add by putting the larger number first and counting on (numbers up to 100).
  4. Name, recognise and know the properties of 3D shapes.
  5. Count on and back in tens from any number.



Identifying materials:

  • Identify and name a variety of everyday materials, such as glass, wood & metal.
  • Discuss how these metals link to our humanities topics of London landmarks and the Great Fire of London.
  • Distinguishing between objects and materials.
  • Classifying materials as either natural or man made..
  • Describe the simple physical properties of various everyday materials by testing different objects..



We will be learning to add recreate London landmarks in MS Paint and add labels with text. Children will also learn how to save and retrieve their work.



Geography and History

  • Find and name the countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland on a map.
  • Find and name the the capital cities of the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as recognising their flags..
  • Research famous landmarks in London such as Big Ben, Buckingham palace and the shard.
  • Learn about and compare life in present day and 1666 London.
  • Know and understand the key events of the Great Fire of London and how it started.
  • Understand how we know about the Great Fire of London i.e. what sources of information can we use?
  • Find out how London changed after the Great fire, what lessons were learned.


DT and Art

  • Children will recreate scenes from the Great Fire of London using a variety of methods such as paint and collages.
  • Create famous London landmarks and images e.g. The London Eye and red buses.
  • Design and make our own models of London landmarks.



PE will is on a Tuesday and Wednesday – please ensure children have their PE kits in school.


Any queries please email us or make an appointment via the school office.


Yours sincerely,


 Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lockett (Year 1 teachers)